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Cael [Medium size, Soft EF 0030 firmness] 030

Cael [Medium size, Soft EF 0030 firmness] 030

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100% Skin-safe Platinum Silicone toy
Size: Medium
Firmness: Soft EF 0030
Head Girth
3 inches/75 mm
Midshaft Girth 5.9 inches/150 mm
Widest Girth 7.3 inches/185 mm
Usable Length 6.6 inches/168 mm

Platinum cure (aka addition cure) silicone is one of the few materials that is truly body-safe. It is strong, flexible, and most importantly non-porous, so it will not absorb hazardous materials. It cleans easily and if stored correctly will last many years without appreciable degradation.

Item is coloured in a "cowpatch" theme - Pink split with white with black spots.

Design based on a resource produced by and used with the full knowledge and consent of the collaborative indie toy community.

Notes: Item is handmade so minor variations in colour and base trimming may be present. Any notable cosmetic flaws will be listed here.

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