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Colourshift Cael [small size, med 00-50 firmness]

Colourshift Cael [small size, med 00-50 firmness]

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100% Skin-safe Platinum Silicone toy
Size: Small
Firmness: 00-50 (medium)

Head Circumference
2.3 inches/60 mm
Midshaft Circumference 4.8 inches/122 mm
Widest Circumference 5.7 inches/145 mm
Usable Length 5.3 inches/135 mm

Platinum cure (aka addition cure) silicone is one of the few materials that is truly body-safe. It is strong, flexible, and most importantly non-porous, so it will not absorb hazardous materials. It cleans easily and if stored correctly will last many years without appreciable degradation.

Item is coloured with colourshift pigments. Changing the lighting intensity and angle will produce a subtle shift in the visible colour.

Design based on a resource produced by and used with the full knowledge and consent of the collaborative indie toy community.

Notes: Item is handmade so minor variations in colour and base trimming may be present. Any notable cosmetic flaws will be listed here.

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