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Tash Penetrable - Supersoft 0020

Tash Penetrable - Supersoft 0020

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Tash is a dual channel penetrable weighing in at 1.8kg, taking inspiration from devilish folklore. Material is supersoft (shore 0020) platinum-cure silicone.

Dimensions are approx. 7.5 inches across the hips, 7 inches long, and about 3.5 inches from front to back (abdomen "shallower" than hips).


Penetrables made from supersoft silicone have recommended maximum dimensions for the user, as the material is very easy to tear or otherwise damage. In addition they require copious amounts of lube and should not be used roughly. These issues are common to all penetrables made of supersoft silicone, not just ours.

For Tash, the ideal size is 1.46 inches/37 mm diameter (4.6 inches/116 mm circumference). This is also the MAXIMUM for the rear channel. The front channel can handle up to 1.6 inches/40mm diameter (5 inches/127mm circumference). See attached cross-section image for visual comparison.

Exceeding these figures, not using enough lube, or being rough with the toy, will all likely compromise/destroy it. Damage resulting from any of these is considered misuse and will not be covered under any warranties. Please consider these conditions very carefully before committing to a purchase.

Small tears are still a very frequent near-unavoidable occurrence over the life of the toy. These can be patched using Sil-Poxy. If done correctly this can prevent the tear propagating further into a full split. Tears are mostly likely to occur in a north-south direction for the front entrance but can occur anywhere for the rear one due to shape.

Price steeply discounted due to small blemishes and some rough trimming around base and entries.

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